Tuesday 5 December 2023

Winter Garden

I have not been out in the garden hardly at all since June. The rain arrived in July and it seems to have been raining ever since. I have pushed past the overgrowth a few times but not sat and enjoyed, nor watched the bees. It is very straggly and scruffy this time of year anyway but I knew the worms really needed sorting out ... so instead of the gym today I spent an hour chopping stuff back and just taking a look around.
To my delight the worms are still alive ... and having been left so long the bottom layer of the worm bin was full of the most beautiful dark magical plant food, with not a trace of tomato skins or undigested random lumps. I literally just scooped it out into an empty compost bag ready to be used in the spring. 
Also delightful was the small selection of blooms that I found.
Most delightfully, a rosebud:
To be expected, the ubiquitous self-seeded pelargoniums:
And on the kitchen windowsill, some alyssum:
Stay safe. Be kind. Hurry back inside where it's warm.

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  1. It has been damp and dismal but things continue to flourish. We have an antirrhinum that has been flowering for weeks - such a cheering sight.


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