Thursday 5 February 2009

Gloves... or inventing your own pattern.

So I started a pair of gloves today, or rather I started them again. Having tried one pattern that just didn't seem to be coming out right and frogging it after several inches, I tried a second pattern, but it was coming out too small, so I had to re-frog (is that a word I wonder) and start for a third time. I am using the Evenstar Gloves on Ravelry (you can only access if you apply to join), but am adapting it quite extremely.

It is my first attempt at basically creating my own design. I liked the cable pattern so have used it but taken some of the shaping from a different pattern as I wanted to put fingers on the glove rather than leave it as a basic cuff with a thumb. So I increased the number of stitches, extended the cuff, removed the minor cabling that runs down the palm (that seemed a bit annoying to me) and then I had to work out how to add proper thumb and finger shaping without disrupting the rest of the pattern.
Picture shows the work in progress, I will add another when I am finished. I am using Violet Green sock yarn, which is merino, bamboo, silk and nylon.

So it has been a slightly frustrating experience but more fun than being at work; we had a snow day today ... not something that happens in Royal Mail very often. We also built a version of 'The Tower of Orthanc' in the garden (to replace Helms Deep that had melted)


  1. I like the idea of your gloves. But the idea of Helm's Deep melting is soooo much better at putting a smile on my face. :-)

  2. Jacob was our design consultant, I had no idea what it was supposed to look like. You can just see the lovely tiny staircase I did right by my feet. I tried to find a picture of the tower from the film to put up but couldn't find a good one.

  3. Some links for those of us not in the know would be nice...


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