Sunday 8 February 2009

Gloves part 2

I am only partly pleased with the finished glove (and I have a second one to struggle through). The whole thing feels like it is sitting slightly twisted on my hand. I had to unpick the first finger as it was too tight then I dropped a stitch and failed to notice (so that is sewn into place) and the holes between the fingers are not very tidily pulled together, but the overall effect is quite pleasing. I really like the cable pattern and plan to tackle something more complicated soon.

It is snowing again here but I think everyone has had enough now, the novelty has worn off. I am aching all over from slipping over on the way to work yesterday and then struggling through the snow for six hours ( we had three days mail piling up in the office). M will probably be glad of another 'snow day' off school but the rest of us want life back to normal. You can visit here and see a short film of the girls building a snow creature (taken on the webcam).

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