Sunday 8 March 2009


It being my birthday yesterday Tish, M and myself went out to dinner last night to the Horse and Groom at Bourton on the Hill, and had the most lovely meal. Having browsed the menu at length and been unable to decide I said lets have oysters, and the lamb and the chicken (all with home made chips) and share them all between us. So we did. And the whole thing was really delicious; the meat was cooked to perfection, and the oysters were a new experience all round. It was good to have M eating outside her usual comfort zone, and enjoying it. Being pretty well stuffed we also opted to share a pudding. It sounded a bit weird to me but was absolutely wonderful: rhubarb ice-cream? (also with raspberry sorbet). Then we giggled and tottered our way back down through the village (the girls had both opted for tottery kind of shoes) while Dunk drove up to get us. We went home to excessively-candled birthday cake and tea, which was the perfect end to the evening.

This morning we binged wardrobes and threw out piles of old underwear and scruffy t-shirts. One bag of stuff to sell (ebay of course) and one to give away. But one top was too lovely to part with, so I made it into a cushion for the new sofa, and it looks pretty fab if I don't say so myself.

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