Tuesday 3 March 2009

More felting.

What better way to spend a quiet Sunday than messing around with sheep's wool. Warning for another time: don't wear a velvet skirt as every time I leaned over the bits of roving stuck to it.
So this is the basic layout with a dark purple background and shades of green and yellow for the decoration.
After it has been wetted all over it looks a bit like this. You cover with more bubble wrap and rub all over gently so as not to mess up the design.

I got to this stage, when it has begun to shrink and hold together, and found that there were holes in it. So I turned it over and added another layer of purple on the back, re-wet everything and agitated it a bit longer.
The final piece has shrunk quite a lot, by about 40%. The final dimensions are about 11X11 inches, having been 20X18 when I laid out the roving. I am thinking of making a back piece to match and making it into a cushion. (waiting for M to use other computer so I can get at my photos)

The girls made book marks because they are obsessively reading the Twilght books. I only managed to distract them from reading because my stash of coloured roving was so tempting.

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