Tuesday 17 March 2009

catch me when I jump

Also perhaps entitled 'life with teenagers'

I miss felt pens with no lids
I miss lego all over the floor
I miss the swing and jump climbing frame
I miss playmobil and beanie babies and sylvanians
I miss wellies full of water
I miss sticks brought home from every outing
I miss trampolining in the dark
I miss marathon Harry Potter readings
I miss climbing the door frames
I miss paddling pools and damp clothing
I miss feeding squirrels in the park
I miss pushchairs and piggy-backs
I miss tying shoe laces
I miss sticky fingers and sticky kisses
I miss holding hands to walk along the wall
I miss 'look at me mum'
I miss 'catch me when I jump'


  1. I miss tadpoles in the teapot

    no really I do

    Thanks for the visit at my blog and for the support!

  2. yeh i miss being like that, life was so much simpler without worries of assignment hand in dates and cv writing!!


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