Friday, 5 June 2009

Another little job

Poor Tish was trapped in the bathroom for an hour this morning as the handle broke and she had to wait for Dunk to get home. So we popped out this afternoon and bought a new handle and it all works fine again now. But since we had the tool box out I got around to doing one of those niggling little jobs that just get forgotten about. I bought a loo roll holder in Ikea several years ago and it has sat on the shelf in the kitchen ever since ... and here it is finally attached to the back of the bathroom door:-)


  1. Oh, how hysterical:) I suppose brave Tish is used to adventures, though. And, at least she had running water and indoor plumbing(lol)

  2. I was peeved that she didn't even clean while she was in there:-) She was peeved she didn't have the computer with her.


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