Friday, 12 June 2009

Where have all the fleeces gone:-)

Driving to a farm between Evenlode and Broadwell the other day I had to cross a field full of naked sheep ... and all I could think was, "I wonder what they did with the fleeces and where can I get hold of some."
Tish was going to ask at college what happened to the fleeces from the farm flock (they run a working farm at the college) since they are bred for meat, but unfortunately it is her last day today so I think that avenue is closing. I really want to try some larger more 'ruggish' experiments but don't want to spend a lot of money on prepared roving when I am not sure how it might turn out.

Also I had been thinking of doing a 'day at work' post with random photographs of stuff I come across during my round. I took this lovely early morning view of the allotments that I walk around each morning ... and then it was a really hectic day and I did not get around to anything else. Although they erected an ugly metal fence around the far side you can see in the foreground of the photo the beautiful proper laid hedge that was redone last year.


  1. martine-please do a "day at work "post, I am intrigued by paths, and what people see on them- I am organising storywalks with different storytellers and it is a different experience for every participant because we all notice different things, even if it is "led" by a competent teller-guide
    I was apprehensive and shy about talking to sheepowners and shepherds about their unwanted fleeces but when I took the plunge it was rewarding in so many ways- of course I got many fleeces, many more than I can handle at the moment, but the whole experience was so much more than I had hoped for

  2. oh, and talking about wolves: this book "left me breathless" I couldn;t put it down Wolf Totem by Jiang Rong pub: Hamish Hamilton (penguin)


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