Friday, 28 August 2009

Art for Trees

I am simply adding this post to direct any visitors to Art for Trees, a blog that has been set up to raise funds for the reforestation of the area of Greece recently devastated by fire. It has been set up by Manya and other people of the local community. They are asking for donations of art or craft to auction to raise money for both the trees and ongoing care of the damaged land. Not sure what else to add, this was just linked to one of the crafty blogs that I follow and I think it is important to try and do what you can to support people who are working to repair their community.


  1. martine, thank you for the post and links. response to the call for aid is growing, thanks to you and others who spread the news. It is quite sad here, charcoal dust all over, the gesture of posting the news and following the blog make us feel much better knowing there are people who care. :-)

  2. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Your post is helping to get the word out there about how we can help. x

  3. Thanks for this Martine. Friends from Athens are incensed. They all reckon that property developers start the fires in order to be able to buy up damaged land cheaply, and develop it. :-( Good luck to those trying to save it!

  4. I got here through Manya... I visited down through this page, there is a resonance. -Jayne

  5. That's a nice initiative, I hope they can do something against those fires and the damage. I'll click that link right now, thanks.


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