Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Baby bird flying the nest

My son Jacob is leaving us at the weekend; I am driving him up North to go and live with his brother. He moved down from his dad's to live with us nearly two years ago after deciding he didn't want to continue doing A levels. He has been working in a factory in Bourton, mainly while he thought about what else to do with his life. Then last month, on the spur of the moment, he found a course that grabbed him at Gateshead College, phoned them up and jumped on a train to go to an interview, and suddenly the decisions are all made. Although I will miss him I feel pleased that he is pursuing something that really interests him.
He was feeling left out that I kept making things for other people (he was the only one not to get socks), so I promised him a new duvet cover to take away with him, a kind of leaving present. Here it is, done in black velvet and a variety of stripes in plain and decorated satin, made this morning to the accompaniment of 'Die Hard 4.0' and 'Pirates of the Carribbean 2'. It's not very colour coordinated, just meant to be bold and striking.


  1. Its a lovely duvet cover. Weather aside, he'll have a great time in Newcastle.

  2. the leaving, even when it's time, is always a little...a little....a little...hard. Glad you got him covered.

  3. That is one super duvet cover. Really glad Jacob has found something to attract him. It can be so hard looking for a future at that age and to be grabbed by something is great.

  4. Hey, that duvet cover is beautiful! Or should I say bold and brassy? Of course, I hope you have made one for Lewis and Rachel as well, or you will have to soon anyway. Something with wavy stripes, to look like snakes.
    And give Jacob a hug from me, tell him good luck. I am glad he found something to interest him.
    Today is exams results day for Sadie.
    Missing you, Julie

  5. I am doing a rug for Lewis that has been in the pipeline for ages, wondering if I can get it done before Sunday:-)
    see you soon
    much love Martine


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