Thursday 17 June 2010

Fleece update and Guerilla Art

The fleece had a total of five baths in the end, there are still some grubby bits but the felting process involves lots of soap and hot water so I am thinking that it will be clean enough by the time I have finished.
The other book I have been browsing recently is 'The Guerilla Art Kit' by Keri Smith (website link, or blog link). Her ideas are kind of the antithesis of vandalism, they are about putting something beautiful or thought provoking in a public place to try and get a response from people. She is very interested in getting people to express their creativity and share it with others, to help people see that anyone can create things, you don't have to be especially talented or clever. The book has all sorts of interesting ideas for how to go about making your mark.
I had been following her blog for a while and was interested after reading about 'yarn bombing', putting knitting in public spaces to decorate them. Anyway, all very interesting stuff. It is also 'Knit in Public Week' this week, aimed at raising the profile of the craft of knitting (and crochet too), to change it's image from the idea that it is something done by elderly ladies who are a bit scatty and make tea-cosies (though one day I intend to be a bit scatty and will probably knit a few of those).


  1. Surely... a bit scattier ;-)

  2. So is carding next? I'm trying to remember from when I used to volunteer at a living history museum. :D


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