Thursday 10 June 2010

Step into the kitchen ...

... because it smells a bit sheepish in the rest of the house.
Dunk and I dropped M at her raft building yesterday afternoon at South Cerney Outdoor and drove on down to the lovely village of Leighterton to call on a lovely lady called Jennifer, who's neighbour has a small organic farm, and picked up this wonderful organic Dorset fleece. It is straight off the sheep (and I know we should have snapped a photo of them while we were there) so this afternoon it has gone in a tub of hot water, the first of several I expect. Though it was surprisingly clean there is a definite sheepy scent to the house at the moment. I will add progress posts over the next day or so as this is the first time I have processed a fleece from scratch and it will be a steep learning curve.


  1. Although, let's face it. If I did have it, I would look at it and imagine all the things I could make with it, and never actually get around to doing any of them. You, on the other hand, will do nice fluffy things, and I can say,"My friend Martine, who spins and felts and dyes..."

  2. That way the first photo looks, it almost looks like the sheep is still in it!

  3. you all think this is great but it's actually a pain as i can't take a shower now because the bath is full of sheep!!!


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