Monday 21 June 2010

Wedding Day

This evening my dad sent this lovely photograph. It was taken the day of my parents wedding, and shows my paternal grandmother (known as Nanny), my mum (in the middle) and auntie Helen (married to uncle Dennis but she sadly died of multiple sclerosis back in 1985). I am not sure if it was taken before or after the actual wedding, which took place on 31st May 1958. Mum looks so young and so lovely, it made me smile.


  1. what a lovely photo Martine - from the photos on your blog you do have a look of your Mum, don't you?
    And I love your new background, it goes well with your felting x

  2. What a gorgeous photo - so warm and full of period detail. I love the tea and biscuit and I think those dresses must have been inspired by the new look? Really lovey Martine thanks for sharing


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