Monday, 7 June 2010

overnight felt

I start out with good intentions but as usual I loose my way. And maybe 8pm on a Saturday night is not the best time to start a project, but it was a warm evening and there was no breeze so I laid this 'thing' out in the garden. It was supposed to be a long, thin, soft shawl thing, with a random pattern created from pre-felt pieces. It started out 200cm long by about 60cm wide.
I rolled it on the garden table for a while then worried that it would be too thin and have bare patches so I added what I hoped was a 'wispy' layer of undyed roving over the top. By then it was 10pm and getting dark and chilly so I left it outside overnight.
After cleaning the house all morning I came back to it, unwrapped, squeezed out and added fresh hot water, and rolled and rubbed for about another hour. All in all not very satisfactory. The design is very vague (though you can see it from both sides), the edging probably needs more work as it has not shrunk as much as the centre (both parts are Merino, though some of the pre-felt is Corriedale) and it is not really long enough to be a wrap, and too thick to be a scarf and doesn't lie flat enough to use as a cover for Trixie's vivarium. So it will probably go into the pile of 'very pretty but not much use for anything' felt.


  1. Wow - that's wonderful - I love the colours!

  2. If you are not sure what to use it for might I suggest a gorgeous table runner???

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