Tuesday 21 December 2010

Home made Christmas tree

Christmas has become distinctly low key since the offspring have been spending the holiday with their dad for some years now, though this year Tish will be here, staying over because her housemates are all going home. I was not in the mood to spend £35 on a tree ... so we have improvised. I had planned on a lovely sheet of dark green satin for the background but it turned out that I had used it all on Sadie's duvet cover. The lights and tinsel are staple-gunned, the other decorations are held in place with pins. The up sides are that it is free, takes up no room and there are no needles to hoover up ... the down side is the lack of christmassy smell.


  1. beautiful tree Martine - you are SO creative!!! but we knew that already!
    and now you're in chorlton, did you know you can get fairy lights at bm bargains for just £1.99?!! - yes! they do work!!

  2. It's certainly unique and very pretty!!

    Take care

  3. Beautiful, like and altar and no mess!
    Merry Christmas!


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