Wednesday 8 December 2010

Yarn Bombing

This lovely mug with a knitted warmer really made my day today ... it is part of a yarn bombing project by a lady who calls herself Loose Yarn, and has been using her knitting to brighten up parts of Manchester, including bus stops, phone boxes and swings. I was just out on my round this morning and I found it sitting on someone's wall, with a little card attached that read, "Here is a little present from me, Loose Yarn. If it is not too much bother I would love to know where, how and what you think about finding your present by contacting me on one of my sites. Thank you!" I feel quite inspired now to spread a little knitting out in the real world.


  1. That is a wonderful idea, and a wonderful object to recieve by serendipity!

  2. Wow!!!! Wow!! the Banksy of the Knitting World!!! Yay!! Now why can't I find something like this!!! How amazing!! Thank you for sharing this pic and for the info. Brilliant! Take care

  3. What a lovely idea and so nice to find- love old kittys comment - the Banksy of the knitting world!

  4. it's so funny how you come to Manchester, Martine, with your yarny ways and that little mug cosy immediately finds you!! Serendipity doo dah! enjoy your toasty drinks! x

  5. And it makes tea taste all the nicer...or maybe that was the real milk. :-)


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