Thursday 16 December 2010

Work Perk of the Week: Local Knowledge

One of the things I liked about my job was people stopping at random and asking me to help them find their way; it is not in the job description but local knowledge seems to be part of what the public expect from their postie. I know all the back roads and all the addresses between Stretton to the north, the Greedy Goose (on the A44) to the east, Oddington to the south and the Snowshill estate to the west. In fact I once directed someone all the way across town to a remote house on the road between Paxford and Aston Magna.
Since we have been in Manchester I have had to continually apologise to anyone who stopped and asked, explaining that I was new to the area and could not help ... but today someone stopped and asked for a road that I knew, so I feel finally like a real Manchester postlady.

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  1. Great news for you and for the person who asked you!
    Take care


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