Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Dr Seuss Hobo Bag

I have been working on this bag project for quite a while now, making slow progress firstly because I needed the circular needles and then because it was just not very interesting to knit. The whole thing perked up when I decided to add a quote around the bag, and after spending quite some time browsing poetry books I decided instead to go for some Dr Seuss, and then spent even longer drawing out this knitting chart on graph paper to create the letters in stitches:

Then as I started to do the decreases for the handles I decided it needed some further embellishment and added some random bits of design to make it more personalised. It is knitted in Rowan Luxury Cotton DK, bought from Kemps Wool Shop (a great source of bargain wools so it is not as extravagant as it sounds). Once the knitting was done I have lined it with some recycled black faux suede fabric: I just cut around the bag to get the shape and machine sewed the two halves together and hand sewed the whole thing around the opening edges


  1. Hello there!! I think this is my first time on your lovely blog and already I am coveting your bag!! LOL!! How lovely!!!! I had no idea what a hobo bag was so thank you!!! I am in awe, truly!!! Take care

  2. What do you mean old kitty? you are here chez martine on a daily basis!!

    And yes that is a beautiful bag Martine! To quote soccer a.m. -Unbelievable tekkers!! - on the knitting needle front !!

  3. I love the choice of quote. I was so exited when I redescovered the joys of dr seuss with the kids, especially when read backwards...


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