Tuesday 1 February 2011

Work Perk of the Week: new pouch

The trouble with working for Royal Mail is that most of the equipment we have is getting old and worn out. My trolley has FIVE old locks attached to it that no-one has keys for, and I can only use one of the brakes as the other just sticks on and has to be forced open. I had the week off last week (more about week off activities soon) and left my delivery pouch in the trolley so whoever covered my duty could use it. Unfortunately for them they decided to acquire it. It was old and battered and had holes; I couldn't use the outside pocket at all and you had to be careful with anything small in the main part of the bag. So this morning I asked if I could get a replacement ... and was given a lovely new one, with no holes.


  1. That's great news for you and for the letters!
    :-) It was very weird today - there were two UPS van delivering packages to the estate where I live and one Royal Mail van. It's very disconcerting seeing the UPS vans in direct competition with Royal Mail! Oh dear! Take care

  2. It really is the small things like this that make life better!! :)

  3. I'm sure you look very fetching with that slung over your shoulder. If only it had a few felted flowers to finish it off. :-)


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