Sunday, 13 February 2011

Knitting Needle Box

My knitting needle collection has been languishing in a plastic bag since the move and it was getting a little irritating trying to find anything. Inspiration struck this morning while searching the 'craft room' for a box to put them in. So here is a quick tutorial on making a knitting needle box. First find yourself an old box file:
Carefully remove the plastic clippy thing and then cut some card dividers. I used the bottom of an old folder, the card was exactly the right size and the gusset gave me ready made flaps to glue it into place. I made one of the sections smaller to hold DPNs leaving a little section for other bits and bobs.
I paired up all the needles using tiny elastic bands, there is a strange little mis-matched pair of number 12's and only one 3 3/4mm needle, but I'm sure it will turn up somewhere. Also home to random crochet hooks, a couple of rug hooks and the felting needles. I had two pairs that were too long to fit so they will be relegated to one of the stash boxes.
And added a little something on the cover, cut from an old silver gift bag. Now feeling very smug and have to go and organise the stash.


  1. oh what a lovely sight Martine - you must feel really satisfied to have created such an oasis of orderliness...well I would...

    good thing to do on a rain-drenched Sunday!

    you could definitely be a Blue Peter presenter if you fancied a change of career... ;@)

  2. You see, left to me, I'd have just dumped the plastic bag of needles in the box, shut it and spend ages making a really nice label!! LOL!!

    Awwww this is so orderly and brilliant! Take care


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