Sunday, 20 February 2011

Knitting in progress

I have been knitting like mad for the last week, inspired by being so pleased with my baby cardigan. I did a very silly frilly dress for the Babe, there is a cute photo of her over on Julie's Blog, but not a good photo of the dress.
Quite some time ago I bought some fabulous Rowan Tapestry in shades of pink and grey at Sew-In in Didsbury and it sat in the stash for quite some time, then I started a waistcoat last year, and it sat for quite some time partly knitted. I got it out the other day, unravelled and re-knitted a mistake, unravelled and re-knitted the shaping, and then decided I no longer liked the pattern at all. I am re-knitting it now as a Cables and Eyelet Hoodie, knitting it directly by unravelling it from the bits I had completed.
I started another baby cardigan that was supposed to take a single 100g ball, but it didn't, so now I have to unravel this and try something else.
Then last night I borrowed needles from Jules and started on some baby leggings, also for Kim's baby, they are very cute and I will probably have enough for a hat too from this ball of King Cole Zig Zag sock yarn.
This last project was done from the last bit of home-spun, home-dyed yarn. It is a book cover, knitted on the diagonal, it seemed like an excellent pattern as you can make it was wide and long as you need just by increasing more (sorry, can't link the pattern as it is only a download from Ravelry), here it is partly knitted:
and finished and machine felted. It is a bit big for a novel ... but fits M's iPad perfectly.

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  1. How productive you are. I have at least finished the sleeves on S's jumper! Not going to be in the post tomorrow though, unless I really get cracking tonight, and since I have just opened a bottle of wine, I doubt that will happen. :-)


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