Thursday, 15 November 2012

Extreme writing avoidance tactics

Here is our lovely new bedroom curtain rail.
Here is Creature's lovely new bedroom curtain rail.
Here is Tish's (also known as the spare room) lovely new bedroom curtain rail. (excuse the crumpled state of the curtains, she refused to let me iron them)

I bought these curtain rails nearly two years ago, just after we moved into this house. They have sat in the box they arrived in, hidden behind a bookcase in the corner of the living room this entire time. Every holiday I have vowed I will get the curtain rails put up. Every time the one in our room fell down I vowed I would get the new one put up (it was propped in place with an IKEA pencil jammed in the screw hole). NaNoWriMo seems the perfect time to finally get around to it. I am not all that far behind. I just need some more encouragement chocolates. Definitely going to make it to the write-in tomorrow evening at Madlab.

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