Friday 30 November 2012

NaNoWriMo Winners 2012

So words are all written, the cake is made (but not iced yet), the t-shirts are on, and set to become my new favourite (they were pre-ordered and hidden in the drawer, just a touch of motivation, though I did not doubt we could do it again.). As you can see I struggled through the month rarely keeping up with the daily target, spending days at a time dithering around and then doing three or four thousand words in one go. Last year I had finished my 50,000 by the 19th, this year I dragged on to the bitter end. As much as anything I think of it as brain exercise, I do plenty of handicrafts but not so much braini-crafting. I will be going back to Dunk's cable jumper and the hexipuffs for the next few weeks (and of course coping with the Christmas pressure at work) and then I am thinking about applying my brain to another project in the new year. There also hovers in my mind the idea of doing a MA in creative writing, Julie picked up the information for me when she went to the MMU post-grad fair last week.
(Edited 9.08pm) We cobbled together some rather wonkily cut letters and Cake was duly eaten:


  1. Well done - it's always good to now you've done it!

  2. Yay!! Good for you!! And the cake is so well-deserved!! Well done you!!

    Take care

  3. Many congrats! I made it to 50000 as well. Not to the end of the story, mind you -- but I tend to write long stories. :)


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