Tuesday 18 August 2020

100 Day - sixty: the first rule of swim club


moss side leisure centre

The first rule of swim club is don't wear leggings to go to swim club. The second rule of swim club ... well you know the rest; getting them back on with damp skin is a bugger. So, we joined the gym. Oh no, I am now one of those people who go to the gym. The girls have been thinking and talking about it for quite a while, and what with the lockdown thing and not having their usual places to go life has become very sluggish (as in they behave like slugs, but not the ones in our garden which are pretty nifty). More than anything they need the structure and a reason to leave the house, besides the getting fit thing (or to be honest, getting fitter, because both of them were pretty active before lockdown). We are alternating gym and swim. I am wondering where all the people are who were complaining about everything being closed. This morning me and the real swimmer in the pink swim hat had the pool to ourselves at nine o'clock. The down side of having a job is that I will probably have to go by myself quite a bit as the others don't get moving so early. I have been going to pilates for several years now but I didn't manage to get myself motivated to do online pilates classes. I liked it for the sense of focus and concentration it gave me, and I love Sarah's voice (I would regularly do the whole class with my eyes closed). A few years before that I used to go to Zumba, which I enjoyed for the buzz. Structured exercise has felt a bit superfluous when you do a job as active as mine but in recent years I have begun to feel more and more worn out and have decided something that improves my strength and stamina could be a good idea. We will see how it goes.

Stay safe. See you tomorrow.

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