Tuesday 11 August 2020

100 days - 50 six Another upcycle

 So, I found this nondescript little table in the front garden of a house (again) on Derby Road. The girl at the door said they had just moved in and it wasn't theirs so I bought it home. I have painted it with the outdoor masonry paint, so it will hopefully withstand the Manchester weather, and added some of the colours so it matches the rest of the yard. Just somewhere to put my cup of tea:
Claire sent me some sweet pea seeds that were really planted far too late, but they are coming along slowly, and if the weather stays nice might flower in September. I built them a little wigwam to climb up.

The oxalis is coming along fantastically and has these lovely delicate white flowers. I just love the purple leaves.

The red hot poker is in its new home and coming in to flower beautifully:

And I acquired two little specimens from the park, a tiny oakling and what I believe is a beech. Anything that sprouts under the trees will usually get mown down but they had both survived couple of months next to the railings. I will look after them until they are bigger:

Stay safe. See you tomorrow.

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