Saturday 15 August 2020

100 Days - 59: the second plague


Having dealt with the sawfly a couple of days ago we are now beset by a plague of fruit flies. They started, of course, in the Julian food bin, but by the time I put it outside the back door they were already well established in the house. Tish made a fly trap that worked really well. Then last night we bought some strawberries and raspberries to make Eton Mess, but when we came to make it the flies had invaded both boxes and swarmed on the fruit. Tish then made several more traps that are now dotted around the kitchen. The rice wine vinegar we bought to make the sushi is pretty effective and the numbers are now in decline. I will know in future to keep a closer eye on the flies. They are actually a fascinating species and are used extensively in genetic research because they have such a fast life cycle.

Stay safe. See you tomorrow.

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