Wednesday 5 August 2020

100 Days - fifty something : insomnia

I am bereft. My baby mango tree is shrivelling. The lovely people on the tree growing facebook page suggest both over-watering and sunshine damage. I have potted it up in fresh compost, in the process knocking most of the leaves off, (the compost was somewhat waterlogged) and moved it to the living room window sill (which is in the shade). Fingers and toes all crossed for some sign of new life in the next few days.
I am sitting in bed at 1am listening to other people's gutters leaking in the rain, and failing to go to sleep. In all fairness I gave up and decided to write a blog post but I'll probably have another try in a bit. It seems to go in cycles; a few days of being tired enough to go straight to sleep followed by a night of just being awake. I don't feel stressed by it particularly, it's just boring. It can be quite nice to open the blind and lie and look at the garden or peer down into the kitchen windows opposite. The air is lovely and fresh when it rains at night. Look at me being all positive-thinking. 

I started making a planter for the yard out of all the bits of scrap wood. It sat half made for a week in the front room but I did finish it this morning. It's a bit of a bodge job but whatever. Now I need another bag of compost to Tish can pot up the Red Hot Poker (I took both the girls to the garden centre so I had people to carry the plants this time.) I have started another planter out of the remaining wood, so that might be another week.

Stay safe. Am going to try and post more, I keep telling myself that it did help for a few weeks, so I will try again.

Stay safe.

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  1. Yay - you can do the positive-thinking thing! I've missed you, Martine.

    I find insomnia becomes more frequent with age, but I've learned to just go with it - get up and do something quiet (limited by other people, sleeping). Reading is good, also blogs busywork. We live in the country, so the only leaking gutter I can hear is my own, but I do find night rain very soothing.

    Hang in there - I'm looking forward to hearing more from you. ;-)


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