Friday 12 March 2021

Fourth time lucky


British Gas came back for the fourth time today, to replace the leaky sump. We have certainly got our money's worth from the Homecare, but having only part time heating for two of the coldest months of the year has been not much fun. 
Monkey made me a fab chocolate cake for my birthday scattered with tiny unicorns, though the office is in chaos again so none of the cards arrived on time and since I was on leave I didn't go and pick them up. Last one from mum and dad arrived today, nine days after it was posted:
I had a thoroughly puzzling week off and Tish and I finished 'Unseen University' when I got home from work today:
Life potters on slowly and monotonously. I have been doing my Japanese practice while on my break at work; making good progress and feeling more confident. I dyed my hair again, purple and silver, but only Damson at work noticed. Monkey says I'm not old as she would laugh if I fell over.
Stay safe. Be kind. See you tomorrow.

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