Friday 19 March 2021

Seeds and all that

So, we have a covid outbreak in the office so I have not been home much recently, but I did have one day off for what should have been my long weekend and planted some seeds. Some of them came free with my Gardener's World magazine, some that Julie gave me, some that I bought, and some sweet peas left over from last year.
Within three days I had some tiny shoots, and now the sunflowers have shot up and are already two inches tall.
And, even though the mail system is completely stretched to breaking point at the moment I made a couple of impulse purchases; this adorable yellow watering can (from Haws) for sprinkling gently on tiny seedlings:
and some lovely yarn from Totnes Yarns on Etsy after I had a crisis with my project and had to unpick the entire of the pattern I had started and decided the yarn I had chosen was not quite right. Oh well.
Stay safe. Be kind. See you tomorrow.

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