Monday 17 May 2021

What's wrong with the world


Prize for the most utterly meaningless headline today goes to:

"Bitcoin lowest since February as Musk tweets trigger whipsaw trading"

Man with more money than he knows what to do with sends digital message to the planet and caused the price of something that doesn't actually exist to fall.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the world, we see the pathetic and ineffectual response of the world's governments to the slaughter of Palestinian people by the Israeli army . If you have any inclination to offer support to the Palestinians, who are kept systematically deprived of clean water, food supplies and medicines then you can donate to Medical Aid for Palestine here.

Stay safe. Hug your family. Give what you can to people in need.

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  1. You are so right about bitcoin - what a strange world we live in; but then all money is essentially a system of trust; even our coins and notes are intrinsically worthless, and are mere tokens of exchange.


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