Monday, 24 May 2021

Not polystyrene

Much stuff going on in the garden, in spite of the endless, endless rain. So much rain. Everything I pot up is utterly waterlogged, but things seem to be surviving. I say surviving, not thriving, because I hope that once the sun begins to shine all the little sproutlings will start to shoot up. I went outside on Saturday and sorted out the Julians, getting a lovely bucket of worm compost for my efforts. There are thousands of them.

I kept finding clumps of baby Julians and putting them back in the worm bin, but so many were mixed up with the compost it was impossible to sort them out
The heucheras arrived, from Heucheraholics:
packed with what, at first glance, I was horrified to think was polystyrene packaging. However on closer inspection I found they are starch based and as such it has since been fed to the Julians:
Back in early May last year I had my first Tree Joy, and this year I thought again that nothing had sprouted, only to find a week later that I have five new oaklings. 
This afternoon, after a morning of chatting about plants in Julie's garden, I put the sweet peas in a big pot with something to climb up, and gave them a prime sunny spot:
The sunflowers have a trough against the back wall, with part of an old cot that I can use to tie them up when they start to get tall:
I am impatient for everything to bloom; we are promised a heat wave next month. I have been a bit disappointed by the plug plants that arrived from Marshalls, they were rather scrawny and have not come on at all since I potted them up, but we will reserve judgement until June comes. 

I got my second jab a couple of weeks ago, and Monkey went to a drop-on vaccination session at the MRI on Sunday and got her first, so we are feeling well protected now.
Stay safe. Be kind. Plant a flower. Get vaccinated.

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  1. Good to see your plants making progress, hopefully June will bring better weather.

    I'm fully vaccinated now


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