Tuesday 4 May 2021

Things growing

Right now the slugs seem to be biding their time. I have done a slug patrol a couple of times and only found a few tiny ones. A few of the rocket seedlings were slightly nibbled.
Everything is coming along well, and enjoying the rain and blustery weather.
Bunch onions that Julie gave me last week: 

The cornflower and wildflower seedlings:

The oak trees, having spent the winter as tiny twigs, are coming back into leaf:

The spinach is looking vigorous, and I thought I should probably plant more:

I stole the seeds for this lovely blue/green grass when we went to Chester Zoo last summer and it was a tiny sprig over the winter. I know it's just a clump of grass but I love it:

Stay safe, Be kind. Love the green stuff.

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  1. You put me to shame... very tardy on the garden front here, but then I am moving...


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