Friday, 2 April 2010

Friday Felt

Having a nice quiet day at home for the bank holiday so decided to do a bit of felting. I realised the blog has been dominated by book reviews for quite a while now so wanted to have some pretty pictures instead. I have been planning another go at the nuno felt since I made the lovely baby blanket back in October. Unfortunately much of my bubble wrap is rather worn out (been popped by bored teenagers) so had to limit the size of the project. Also colours are limited as my stash of roving is running low. This project has a layer of undyed merino underneath, then the layer of muslin fabric, then this design laid out on the top. I think it started out about 150cm by 50cm (as usual forgot to measure it to check the shrinkage).

After rolling for about an hour and then rubbing with soap for another 30 minutes or so it has felted quite satisfactorily. I like the way it looks quite widely spaced when you lay out and then the shrinking closes up the spaces and makes the design look much more dense. It is sitting here on top of the new vivarium we acquired for Nix (the carpet python), which has now been placed on the fireplace to cover up the ugly gaping hole. He is not in it yet as it needs light and heating fitted. I guess a vivarium cover is as good a use for it as anything:-)

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  1. But now you can tell people what a dedicated felter you are, since you felt vivarium covers. What better thing for our cold blooded friends?


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