Tuesday 13 April 2010

Work Winge of the Week 1

The other purpose of a blog has got to be to allow you to let of a little steam every now and then, so I thought I would initiate a new series of posts, and if I give them a title like this visitors can see straight away that I am going to have a moan, and thus can easily avoid it if they can't be bothered.
Today's moan is the bin men. Now really I love them, I mean we keep each other in business; I bring the crap that they then take away to (hopefully) recycle and they keep me in work with people writing to the council to complain about the terrible refuse service. But not today.
If you arrive in a small village at the wrong moment it can turn you job into a nightmare. So I played leapfrog with the bin men all round Little Compton this morning, getting in each other's way, them stopping in the middle of the road with no place for me to get past, changing my route to avoid them, only to turn another corner and find them in the way again. Add to that the EON man sitting in the way at the bottom of a long drive (with his engine running too!) and the men resurfacing a patch at the bottom of Barton Road that meant another diversion, all in all a very frustrating morning.
Thanks for listening, I feel so much better now.


  1. Following the premise of turning lemons into lemonade etc etc, you could maybe turn episodes like this into a sitcom.....just a thought

  2. I like winges, it makes me feel less bad about being a grumpy old woman! I get frustrated by the fact that our bins get emptied at 6.30am on a Monday morning - it's soooooooo noisy!

  3. Ah well, makes a change from all the other things we winge about... :-)


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