Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Work Perk of the week ... and wool winge

How sad am I ... what small things make me happy ... I found this elastic band at work the other day, and it is like two bands in one and will wrap a bundle of post in both directions at once. Now really elastic bands should be the subject of a 'work winge' post as they are the cause of much pain and suffering (regularly snapping viciously against your fingers unexpectedly) but this one bought a smile instead.

Sunday I had a most unsatisfactory afternoon. I bought some cheap 'Welsh Wool' to make soles for felted slippers, hoping that something a bit coarser would be more hard wearing, however things did not work out as planned. I spent quite some time turning this tatty pile of cleaned wool:
... into a slightly softer pile of fluff (and leaving plenty of bits floating round the garden for the birds to gather). Unfortunately bits of the fibre were so coarse that they would not felt and simply moulted back out of the felt, so the whole thing turned out to be a waste of time, who wants slippers that shed white fibres everywhere.
But I did also spend some time the other week making blended batts from what was left of my coloured roving collection, there were only a few colours left but by combining them in different ways I have ended up with a lovely selection ... and might even get around to doing something with them.


  1. I like that funky elastic band! You could market those...

  2. I am so impressed by this elastic band... how useful is that!?

  3. I want to know why Royal Mail doesn't buy some, they are perfect for the job but I have never come across anything like it before and have no idea where it came from
    thanks for stopping by

  4. what a brilliant concept for an eleastic band...

    sorry the felt didn't work, but its often worth experimenting!


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