Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Knitting to Wolf Hall

I found a copy of Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel on CD at the library (2009 Booker Prize winner), I had not been tempted to read it, and it is such heavy going I would probably have abandoned it after a chapter or so, but listening to it I am getting engaged with the events and characters. You have to admire it purely on the grounds of the incredible research it must have taken, to take real historical events and work them so skilfully into what is a reinterpretation of the personalities involved. It is over 24 hours long so it will be next week before I am done with it but I am rather enjoying the less than sympathetic portrayal of the Boleyn sisters. History so often portrays such women as weak victims of circumstance, they are presented here as much more scheming and manipulative, and politically astute.

The baby tights were finished the other day, and there was so much yarn left that I have done a cute little hat to match. It has been a slightly depressing experience to find that the fine yarn was so hard to work with that at one point I resorted to wearing Dunk's reading glasses. We are both vehemently resisting the ravages of age on our eyes, I think I will remain in denial for a while longer:-)


  1. I'm on Chapter 6 of Wolf Hall!! LOL! Been so for months!!! I might just get the audio CD. It's a lovely read but by golly it IS heavy going - the chapters seem to be never ending too!!!

    Awww wow that's one cute baby pair of tights and the little hat is adorable!!

    Your eyes are not the problem - it's the yarn! take care

  2. yes denial about eyesight is a useful strategy, but low-energy light bulbs make it so much more difficult, and annoying...
    lovely baby outfit!


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