Wednesday 22 June 2011

Colourful work in progress

Disgruntled teenager (who does not like being photographed) is bored of having dull hair ... so we have transformed it into this:
though the blue has faded out very quickly, the pink is still gorgeous and vibrant.

I have started a couple of new knitting projects. I promised Carly that I would do jumpers for her twins, in fact I promised when they were little, they will be two in a month so I am finally getting around to it. I have bought some lovely multicoloured chunky yarn and am doing raglan sweaters.
I also had another ball of sock yarn hanging around and started doing myself another pair since all my hand knit have holes in the heels (though I will probably unravel them and reuse the yarn). Wanting to do something more interesting I started doing little cables, but they are very fiddly and I am regretting it. All the other pairs I knitted myself I find a bit lose so I cut down to 56 stitches and I am now worried they are a bit small ... will wait and see.


  1. I love the blue running onto the vibrant pink!!! The hair is lovely!!

    Hopefully the wool once woven will stretch to fit perfectly over time! take care

  2. I wonder if mine will be like that (although they are already disgruntled and photo shy) I have about 6 years til I find out! Lovely colours: hair and wool.


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