Wednesday 1 June 2011


I am awaiting a photograph of mum and dad in their lovely (secret) cardigan and jumper but since finishing those projects I have also completed the cardigan I started for myself back at the bank holiday. It is a Rowan pattern called Rainbow done in summer tweed, a silk/cotton mix yarn. I am really pleased with how it turned out, the colours are wonderful, though the yarn is aran weight and as such is really quite heavy and warm.
In spite of doing long sleeves and not buying any extra yarn I found I had nearly half of what I had bought left over and so I began a little something for the Babe, just because knitting for little people if far more fun:
Strangely for her she was not that interested in being photographed in her new cardigan as Dunk was doing something fun on the iPad
These fantastic vivid socks are for my son Jacob. He missed out when I did the christmas sock knit and I have been promising him a pair. I confess I am not 100% sure what size his feet are these days, I just have to hope they haven't grown too much. I have been working on them for weeks and I finally finished them off today listening to 'The Wasp Factory' by Iain Banks, which I will review in the morning (am on Dunk's 'puter, M has mine and refuses to relinquish it) ... stand by for a rave as I absolutely loved it.

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  1. Loved the matching cardies!! Awwww they've turned out really really special! Take care


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