Monday 27 June 2011

Work Whinge of the Week 23: victorian letter boxes

Ok, probably not number 23 but I have had a lot of unaired work whinges recently.
We have finally got the revision underway at work (in the pipeline since March), the up side being that I have moved to a 31 hour 4 day week. I have been moved from the old terraces and 1950s semis of Fallowfield down to the posh end, the Victorian/Edwardian red brick of Didsbury. And down there of course everybody is keen to preserve the authentic whatnots of their lovely houses, including the stupid tiny letter boxes that were designed for when letters consisted of a single sheet of paper folded up and sealed with sealing wax ... and I have been struggling with them all morning (letterboxes in general could be the subject of an extended Work Whinge diatribe but I'll save that for another time). The only perk of the morning was the lovely leafy canopy down all the streets that offered a little protection from today's sweltering heat. My bottle of water was tepid and my mid morning snack melted and it was a 25 minute walk back to the office when I finished. Not a good day, tomorrow must be better.

1 comment:

  1. I do know those letter boxes - they're tiny and made of metal!!

    Let's hope for a calmer less scorching weather tomorrow - today was too hot, seriously!!

    Take care


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