Saturday, 6 August 2011

Stopgap post

Have been reading and listening to audiobook and knitting and baking and going to work and drinking tea with Julie, but since Creature got back from Hes Fes I have hardly got a look in with the computer, so several posts are in the pipeline but not making progress. I reached page 1000 in War and Peace, which feels like a great milestone, only 400 and something to go, but I am now wondering how on earth you write a review of such a vast book.

So here are my cabled socks that have taken well over a month. I kind of invented the pattern as I didn't want to do just plain ones, and then regretted it because the cables were so fiddly, and I hadn't really planned it out very well and I forgot how often I was cabling and I worried I had made them too small ... but in the end they turned out ok and they fit really nicely.


  1. They're lovely socks!!

    Good luck with the last 400 pages of War & Peace!! Take care

  2. Funny how different things float our boats. I blanch at the thought of knitting socks AND reading War and Peace. For me, that would taking staying power! :)


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