Wednesday 10 August 2011

Giant babies and all that

Most days I like to check out what people have been searching in order to come across my blog, usually it is something that brings up my most viewed posts, like 'Margaret Atwood poetry' or 'Will and Lyra's bench' or, strangely, 'galapagos'. Sometimes people just coincidentally search the precise passage from a book that I have quoted in my review. The Cooking and Sewing post from April is still getting visitors almost every day though I can't fathom out how people are coming across it. The most peculiar search I came across was 'giant baby+ squashing' which brings up our visit to the Manchester Art Gallery back in January, I rather liked that one. But today someone searched 'martine frampton', and now I am just completely freaked out!

In other news I have made a firm decision to participate in National Novel Writing Month (more commonly known as NaNoWriMo) in November. Creature and I signed up last year but since we moved house I failed to write a single word, Creature wrote a few chapters, and she likes to do it the hard way, by hand in a real book with a real pen. I am working on the principle that if I tell people it is more of a real commitment. The only problem is my complete lack of inspiration. I read so many great books and each of them inspires me in a different way, so I am trying to pin down what makes each of them worth reading. I went in search of Margaret Atwood's 'Negotiating with the dead: a writer on writing' on the bookcases downstairs and got 'A Novel in a Year' by Louise Doughty from the library that has some interesting writing exercises to get me started. While rooting around my shelves I picked out 'These are my rivers' by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and, as is invariably the case, I got completely distracted from the job in hand, so I thought I would share this, it being a long time since I posted any poetry:

People getting divorced
riding around with their clothes in the car
and wondering what happened
to everyone and everything
including their other
pair of shoes
And if you spy one
then who knows what happened
to the other
with tongue alack
and years later not even knowing
if the other ever
found a mate
without splitting the seams
or remained intact
and the sole
ah the soul
a curious conception
hanging on somehow
to walk again
in the free air
once the heel
has been replaced


  1. Yay for you joining NaNoWriMo!!! I cannot believe we are talking November already in August though! LOL!!!

    Great to see you are also getting the "big guns" out and preparing for this mammoth event!!

    Love the shoes and divorce poem - particularly "tongue alack"!

    Take care

  2. one of the things that pulls the punters to my blog is a picture of a big diving board, some days they come in droves.....I don't quite understand why, think I must be missing something......
    good for you for nanowrimo, I started ok last year but got distracted as I was doing a poetry class. I heard a good interview with Donna Leon on radio 4 last week - she was talking about how she writes her stories - doesn't know how they'll end until she's writing them. I enjoyed the louise doughty book, I know some other good ones, I'll look them out and tell you their names :0)

  3. Thanks for the encouragement guys, it's not like I feel i have a novel just waiting to be born, more like I am going to have to drag it kicking and screaming into existence.
    much love


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