Sunday 21 August 2011

Works in progress

I think Creature's experiments with her hair will be an ongoing work in progress for some time. After discussion with friends she has had another go at the multicoloured look, this time sleeping with the colour on, which is supposed to help the semi-permanent colour to last a bit longer. We used green, purple and blue this time, as you can see, wrapped in foil to keep the colours separate, and then covered in a plastic bag to protect her pillow.
This morning the effect was pretty awesome:The yarn I showed you the other day is coming along quite well, I'm only making about a mistake every other row, but mainly if I try and knit in bad light. I think that doing a whole jumper in sock weight yarn may be the thing that drives me to getting some reading glasses. But it looks great and I am pleased with how lovely the colours look. You can't see the lacy design that well, it is meant to be snug fitting and will have to be well blocked after it is finished. It looks a funny shape because the clever pattern creates the shaping by changing to smaller size needles rather than reducing the number of stitches, so the part I am working on at the moment is the narrow part at the waist.


  1. She really doesn't like being photographed but by golly the hair is FABULOUS!!!!

    Nice fitting jumper!! take care

  2. The hair effect is amazing. The juxtaposition of your photos (hair then top) made me think, off the point, do people dye t shirts to match dyed hair? A green, blue and purple tie-dyed t shirt would go amazingly well with that hair-do.


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