Sunday 26 July 2020

100 Days - fifty 2nd unfinished yard

It has been a source of disappointment to my mum, who used to run a specialised alpine plant nursery, that I have had very little interest in plants and gardens. I grew some cabbages many years ago when we lived in Pittington, and I have pretty much just mowed the grass everywhere else, but I think I am finally getting into the family groove. This tatty yard was what we acquired when we moved to Moss Side:

The business end, in the shade by the back door, remains home to the Julians and a large fern:
but the rest is now jazzed up and full of growing things:
The sunny corner has a selection of stuff-with-purple-flowers, kind of by accident, and some struggling courgette plants that need better protection from the snails:
The pond is settling in nicely and, thanks to all the rain, is now full, and even has some little wiggly things swimming around in it (not frogspawn, probably larvae of some kind of fly). 
The bug hotel is made from a chunk of old pallet and is gradually being filled with decaying wood, leaves, pine cones and moss. I made the roof from some sliced open coke bottles:
There are lots of new plants against the south facing wall:
but the snails have been having a lovely time there. I can see snail/slug patrols are going to become a feature of my evenings.
The herb bed is however coming along brilliantly;
as are the oaklings:
All in all I am proud of my progress and am enjoying going out and seeing how everyone is coming along when I come home from work. I am trying not to be impatient because I want big things with lush growth filling the yard with green, and it still feels very sparse. Time will tell.

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