Thursday, 24 December 2020

100 Days - alas, it's day 96


According to the Grauniad  ‘Alas’ was said more than 80 times in House of Commons in November 2020, more than any other month since 1800. Alas the pandemic will not be over any time soon, alas we are all likely to be in lockdown again come the new year, alas not everyone will have received their packets and cards this Christmas (though the office was much clearer than any of us could have anticipated), alas we shut the CSP door at 4pm so anyone who didn't check the opening times may come out later and be sorely disappointed, alas I am going out to collect covid kits on Sunday so my nice holiday weekend will be briefly interrupted, alas we are out of wrapping paper so will be using my copy of the Courier, alas they had sold out of Tia Maria so we had to buy rhubarb and custard gin instead, alas the Grinch leaves crumbs much to small of the other Who's mouses (alas Toby does not appreciate my commentary on How the Grinch Stole Christmas), alas the British Gas boiler man may or may not have fixed our boiler properly (the jury is out on the subject, it stopped, but is tentatively working at the moment), alas we only scored 24 out of 55 on the 2020 books quiz, alas the library was closed so I could not pick up my book, at least crimbo is finally here.

Stay safe. See you tomorrow.

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