Tuesday, 1 December 2020

100 Days - the eighty second day : belated chocolate advent calendar week


Don't ask me what that picture is supposed to be, a series of them came up on Wiki commons when I searched for advent calendar. I wrote about Chocolate Advent Calendar week back in 2014. I should hereby apologise to anyone who's advent calendar has not arrived on time this year. I went out doing overdue packets on Derby walk this morning and there were quite a lot of chocolate advent calendars, so at least some people got them just about on time. Do people mostly use them as intended or do they just open all the doors and scoff the choccy on the first day? We don't bother with advent since we only celebrate in a secular yay-it's-three-days-off-to-scoff-choccy-and-watch-bad-films way. 

Feeling very frustrated and angry at work with the chaos that means so many people are not getting their post and packets. I know I have a tendency to feel like I have to fix things for people and so my brain is overloading looking at all the stuff I cannot fix. Then colleague who shall remain nameless suggested we knock off early this evening where there were several yorks of packets needing to be sorted. I said no. He then proceeded to sit in his coat and wait for half an hour until home time. Having spent the afternoon watching him stand around listlessly between parcel customers while I did all the booking in I was losing patience somewhat. 
Don't forget to breathe.

Stay safe. See you tomorrow.

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