Monday, 12 April 2021

Tiny joys


The sun was shining after my post-lockdown trip to the gym so I took my tea into the garden ... and look, plum blossom.

And bluebells:

All sorts of things are springing into life and it gives me joy.
The cornflowers seeds are sprouting, outside, in spite of being covered in hail stones on Sunday:
But most of the joy is still on the inside.
Kitchen windowsill: basil, cherry tomatoes, rocket, sunflowers and sweet peas:
Front room windowsill: echinops, gaillardia, stocks, butterfly flowers, and more wildflower seeds (that came free from Haws with my yellow watering can):
Tish's bedroom windowsill: lots of dahlias and echinacea, pansies, more sunflowers and sweet peas:
And outside I am even enjoying the multiple pots that might or might not just have weeds in them:
Stay safe. Be kind. Stay human. Grow some plants.

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