Sunday, 25 April 2021

Killing my babies


So I went searching to try and find out why some of my seedlings were not thriving as I might hope. They get sunshine, they get water, they get my daily encouragement. One suggestion was that they might be overcrowded. I have felt that every seed that comes up should be given a fair chance, which is why I have more tomato seedlings than I have room for, but I decided that a gentle cull could well be the answer. I went round the whole house and garden tweaking out the smaller sprouts and leaving space for the others to grow. I feel as if I am killing my babies. I have loved and nurtured them and now they are worm food. Oh well, I can see I will have to be less sentimental.

Sitting outside with Monkey this afternoon she noticed that the Choisya Aztec Pearl had come into flower:

and I am excited about the spinach, which has popped up this week, my first foray into growing greens:

Stay safe. Be kind. Eat your greens.


  1. I also find it difficult to weed out the stragglers! Hope you get a great spinach harvest!

  2. I have exactly the same problem, Martine! Last year, my carrots were baby-finger-sized because I just couldn't thin - and my leeks grew only roots and tops. :-( I just have to toughen up, I guess.

  3. Prick them out into egg boxes and give them to me. :) or do a plant swap. I've got too many Sorrel seedlings. Want some? You must come visit our new raised bed!

  4. I am so poor at gardening - don't have the patience I think. One day perhaps - for now too much reading to be done!


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