Saturday 30 May 2009


Yesterday was Lewis' 21st birthday. It does make me feel a bit old but whatever...

This is Tish, M, Lewis, Rachel (Lewis' girlfriend), Jacob and me. Excuse the scruffy looking house behind us, we did take a nice one by the bushes but the sun was too bright and everyone was squinting too much. I don't get all my kids together in one place very often. We went out for dinner and came home for cake, though I had half of Jacob's creme brulee as well as my own so felt too sick to have any. The kids all sat out in the garden chatting till late. I like having grown-up children, I like the fact they have reached the age where they can hang out together without coming to blows:-)
Today I took them down for the open day at Hartpury college, where they just got to play with the animals for a couple of hours. Then we went over to an excellent reptile shop near Newent, called Rainforest Reptiles; it seems to be becoming an all consuming interest, especially for Lewis.
... I take it all back, they have just been having a water fight in the garden after Lewis found an old water gun in the garage ... but then he has cooked dinner.

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  1. What a lovely photo! I haven't seen them all together in years. We spent the day Friday saying we were going to ring to say Happy Bday to Lewis, but never got around to it, and then I went away to the Dales, and didn't have a signal. Which was great! :-)
    Tell Lewis Happy 21st from us! M and C were telling me what they remembered of him. Both of them said they remember him being a 'cool dude in bandanas' but then they disagreed about the colour of the bandanas! And C remembers that L gave him his first piece of Warhammer. What a legacy!


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