Tuesday 12 May 2009

St Leonards Forest

My daughter M and I spent the weekend with my lovely sister Claire, her partner Geoff and her daughter N. In spite of the teenagers not wanting to do anything we dragged them for a walk in St Leonards Forest as it is only a few miles drive from where they live. And it was just so idyllic. We made our own path through the undergrowth, strolled across a bluebell scattered hillside and through sunlight dappled woods. This is not our photo, just a nice picture of some bluebells, as we were completely cut off from the outside world without mobile phone or camera, and amazingly came through the experience unscathed. We did not pass another person for over an hour, in spite of it being a popular spot for locals. It was another nostalgic moment for me as we used to do such walks frequently when the children were small, invariably someone would get wet or muddy, or both, and the trees would be thoroughly climbed. It is a much more civilised exercise with 'nearly grown-ups'.

A message arrived on Facebook from Tish saying:
"highlights so far:
went snorkling and saw coral reef
saw turtle laying eggs
baby turtles are the cutest thing in the world
saw wild orangutan and other monkeys
went in bat caves "
so I think that the trip is living up to expectations!

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