Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Jobs for the week

Ok, last time I had a week off I wrote myself a list of things I wanted to get done ... and I found it an excellent way of not wasting the week browsing on ebay, which I could very easily do.
(this is in no particular order)
  • make list! (I like a few quick things so I can tick them off to encourage myself)
  • bathroom ceiling mould needs cleaning (nasty neck aching job ... we really need a dehumidifier)
  • defrost and clean fridge freezer (two days after doing this last time someone left the door ajar and re-frosted the freezer)
  • try and finish rug for Lewis (not likely, only about 1/3 done) and probably pop to yarn shop in Shipston as I am not sure I have enough wool to finish it anyway.
  • wash sofa covers (but need a nice dry day so I can hang them out)
  • do some more duvet covers (depending on stash of fabric)
  • go to pet shop for food for the reptiles
  • clean house (but probably not till Thursday, the cat has stopped molting but is tracking vegetation in from the garden attached to her incredibly long fluff.) (did clean very thoroughly last week, even M and Jacob's rooms got done, so will be a quick hoover round.) (apparently that is "moulting" as was my first instinct, damn that google american dictionary.)
  • kitchen floor (may persuade Tish to do this:-)
  • mow back lawn
  • more felt
  • return knitting book to library
  • maybe (big maybe) get some of the stuff listed on ebay that is sitting in a bag in the corner of our bedroom (but only so I can claim all the mess belongs to Dunk)
  • write to landlord about rotten garage roof
  • wash car (or maybe take to carwash)
  • pay car tax ... very important!
  • more felt:-)
My son Lewis and his girlfriend Rachel are coming to visit on Thursday for the weekend; it is his 21st birthday on Friday and we are all going out to dinner. They are bringing Ozzy (or 'Trogdor' as Jacob insists on calling him) the Water Dragon. And then everyone is going out to the Open Day at Hartpury on Saturday.
So, a busy week.


  1. i'll do the kitchen floor if i can join in with 7 and 11.

  2. I was waiting for tomorrow just for you:-), we'll come back via the yarn shop.
    love M


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